The 5 Best DevOps Articles of the Year

Looking back on the IT trends of 2017, it is crystal-clear DevOps is an emerging trend. At EXIN, we know the importance of this trend and the skills you need to have in this new digital era. These are the 5 best articles our experts wrote about DevOps this year.

What is DevOps?

At the 2008 Agile Toronto Conference, two IT specialists introduced the term “DevOps.” The word itself is a shortened compound of "development" and "operations." It is sometimes described as a flexible philosophy, not a standard or a framework with prescriptive processes. So, what is DevOps really? This article gives a comprehensive definition.

Understanding the ROI of DevOps

Practitioners understand the value of DevOps, but what management wants to know are the commercial benefits of DevOps. What is the return on investment (ROI)? Here are 3 facts that will convince your CEO. Furthermore, some DevOps cases are referenced.

3 Examples of DevOps Core Values

DevOps changes how individuals think about their work. In his book The Phoenix Project, researcher Gene Kim introduced 3 leading principles of the DevOps philosophy. These Three Ways are now standards in DevOps thinking. In this blogpost, the Three Ways are explained. Practical examples will give further insight.

DevOps Expert John Clipp on the Success of Facebook, Netflix, and Etsy Through Trial and Error

At the FUSION 17 Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida, we had the great pleasure of meeting DevOps and ITSM expert John Clipp. Now Senior Vice President of TechnoLava, John has more than 30 years of experience in the IT Service Management industry. This article is the result of our interview with John.

4 Core Beliefs of the DevOps Philosophy

Unlike Agile, DevOps lacks a manifesto. Still, there are some people who have tried to formulate a DevOps philosophy. After looking into some existing DevOps definitions, we take a look at the DevOps practice of successful organizations.

EXIN DevOps Certification Program

Facebook, Netflix, and Etsy are successful companies that employ the DevOps method. Many other organizations are jumping on the DevOps bandwagon.

At EXIN, we are aware of the need to know more about the possibilities of DevOps. EXIN DevOps Master is meant for anyone working within a DevOps environment or looking to transition to DevOps. The program offers individuals career opportunities due to the growing DevOps market in which salaries for skilled professionals are high and rising.