The CREATE Program - Empowering unemployed individuals with data center and IT skills.

The skills shortage in IT has been a much talked about subject for many years. A wide range of skills, both existing and emerging, will be needed to meet the demand for talented professionals driven by Digital Transformation. The COVID-19 pandemic has now added fuel to the fire by increasing the urgency for organizations to undergo Digital Transformation.

Unfortunately, in many countries, there has been an increase in unemployment as a number of industries are hit hard by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. In response to this situation, EPI and EXIN have decided to collaborate on an initiative that will address two prominent issues by creating supply for areas where there is demand. 

CREATE (Career Recovery Assisted Training Effort) 

The CREATE program focuses on offering affordable training to unemployed individuals so that they, with their newly acquired skills, can find new employment in a sustainable industry. The initiative serves not only the unemployed but also the IT industry who are in desperate need of more talented professionals to take up roles in shortage areas. By combining EPI’s world-class Training on Demand courses with an EXIN facilitated online exam, individuals can become certified and ready to enter the world of IT professionals. 

Focus Areas – Data Center and IT Professionals 

EPI and EXIN have chosen two focus areas for the assisted training - data center professionals and IT generalists (entry-level and aspiring managers). 

The EXIN-EPI Data Center Management program is an ideal choice for retraining in light of the increase in demand for data center operations as a result of the pandemic: 

Taj El-Khayat, Regional Director MENA, Citrix: “The lack of available skilled talents in the IT sector has always been a recurrent issue for the industry, but the Digital Transformation’s acceleration across organisations due to the pandemic has exposed this skill shortage even more clearly. This has especially been the case for data centre operators, requested to provide the best and most stable service while facing a drastic and sudden increase in load. (How can data centra leaders combat the skills shortage as further outages disrupt the industry? – Intelligent Data Centres) 

By certifying aspiring IT professionals in data center skills, EPI and EXIN aim to support the industry and the unemployed by filling this crucial gap.  

EXIN EPI Data Centre Foundation Certificate is ideal for entry-level candidates who want to make a start on a career in data centers. While EXIN EPI Certified Data Centre Professional builds on existing knowledge and is ideal for candidates who have some experience in IT facilities or data centers. 

However, there is not only a skill shortage in the data center domain. There is a general shortage of IT skills which has a massive global cost: 

The lack of available IT skills will result in nearly $400 billion in lost revenue annually worldwide in the next year. As new technologies are adopted and legacy technologies are retired, the IT skill mix is changing. IT vendors and their clients need to be aware of these changes or risk losing the war for IT talent. (Worldwide Information and Communication Technology Employment Forecast, 2019–2023: Demand for IT Skills - IDC) 

To address this, EXIN EPI Certified Information Technology Operator is included in the program as a way for individuals to take their first steps towards a long-term career in IT by providing them with the contextual knowledge and basic competencies they need to make a flying start. For unemployed individuals with some years of experience in IT, EXIN EPI Certified Information Technology Manager is the ideal way to enrich their existing knowledge and validate their skills to take the next step in their career. 

How does CREATE work? 

The CREATE program is open to individuals who have been unemployed for two months or more and who live in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands or Singapore. If they meet the criteria, they can access a CREATE program training and certification for only US$149.00, which includes: 

  • Access to the Training on Demand (TOD) course for one month to help them prepare for the exam  
  • One comprehensive student ebook for exam preparation review and as a valuable work reference resource   
  • One online exam using world-class proctored technology  

For more information about eligibility (including terms and conditions) and how to apply, visit the EPI CREATE program page