Demand for DevOps still Growing with EXIN DevOps Foundation launch set for January 2019

DevOps is turning 10 years old next year, which makes it one of the youngest software development methodologies out there. But, for anyone who was still asking themselves if DevOps was a passing trend or not, it’s safe to say that DevOps is here to stay. If anything, DevOps is gaining more followers and receiving more attention worldwide. The VersionOne 12th Annual State of Agile Report goes as far as to dedicate an entire page to the subject – the first year they have done so. They observe that: 

With the recognized necessity of accelerating the speed of delivery of high-quality software, and the emphasis on customer satisfaction, it’s no surprise that 71% of the survey respondents report that a DevOps initiative is underway or planned for the next 12 months 

Demand and Salary Indications for DevOps Professionals

An even greater indicator of the fact that DevOps hasn’t reached its peak yet is that there is a huge demand for DevOps skilled professionals. The number of DevOps-related jobs advertised worldwide on LinkedIn is over 100,000. 

This demand is reflected in the salaries for DevOps specialists. Stack Overflow recently announced a new Salary Calculator in their blog. Alongside the announcement, they featured some statistics about salaries for developers – DevOps specialists receive the highest salaries of all developer roles*. 


DevOps for the Future 

The fact that in most organizations surveyed, DevOps adoption hasn’t yet reached maturity (84% of respondents said their organization was at or below ‘still maturing’ level**) would imply that this only the start of a race to find and retain DevOps-skilled professionals! 

It is no coincidence then, that at the start of next year, EXIN will be launching EXIN DevOps Foundation. The module is an addition to the EXIN DevOps program which already consists of EXIN DevOps Master and EXIN DevOps Professional.  


What is EXIN DevOps Foundation and who is it for? 

EXIN DevOps Foundation is the entry-level certification that is designed to offer professionals, on the business or IT side, an accessible way to get started with DevOps. It creates a solid basis for anyone who wants to grow in the DevOps field – completing EXIN DevOps Foundation is a great stepping stone to the EXIN DevOps Professional or EXIN DevOps Master certifications. After attaining their DevOps Foundation certification, professionals will understand the main practices and benefits of DevOps. The topics covered in the exam include value stream, deployment pipeline, version control, configuration management and the ‘definition of done’. 


The details of EXIN DevOps Foundation 

Professionals who want to get EXIN DevOps Foundation certified aren’t tied to a mandatory training requirement. They can choose to go for classroom training with an EXIN Accredited Partner or opt for self-study and prepare for their exam independently. The book DevOps for Business. What IT Executives, IT Managers, and IT Specialists Need to Know (by Oleg Skrynnik) provides professionals with the information that is covered in the exam. It will be available for purchase on the Van Haren website from the 12th of December 2018.  


Note for Trainers: 

Accredited Trainers will be able to access the main exam literature free of charge from Van Haren. 




*Developer Salaries in 2018: Updating the Stack Overflow Salary Calculator 

**VersionOne 12th Annual State of Agile Report