Digital Transformation and VeriSM on

Recently, EXIN was proud to be on with an article and a webcast looking at the progress of Digital Transformation and how VeriSM can enable organizations to embrace the digital age. With the digitization of companies gathering in pace, it is essential that the focus shifts from the known ‘ways of doing things’ to what an organization wants to achieve. The article discusses how VeriSM is reinventing service management for digital transformation whilst the webcast offers tips on the steps needed to become a services-led organization.

The article, titled Successful digital transformation isn’t just about technology but having the right principles and culture in place has been written by CIO author Doug Drinkwater.

The webcast, ‘The steps to building a digital, services-led organization’, is an interview with Claire Agutter (director of Scopism) conducted by Doug Drinkwater. Take a look at the VeriSM™ website for more information about this innovative new service management approach!


About VeriSM™

VeriSM™ is a Service Management approach for the digital age. It helps organizations to work flexibly, focus on business value, and understand the many progressive practices available. The certification program is based on the VeriSM™ model which emphasizes organizational goals and outcomes. It includes a management mesh which offers a flexible approach that can be adapted to suit timely establishment and improvement of products or services. 


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