EXIN and EPI Launch New Business Model for IT Management Courses Fully Aligned to the e-CF/EN16234-1

Singapore, 20 Jun 2018 – EXIN and EPI released the details of the long-awaited new business model for the EPI IT Management Training Framework which consist of 3 courses. These courses cover over 30 competences required of the IT professional/manager/director, as defined in the e-CF (e-Competence Framework) which is also published as a European standard EN16234-1. This competence framework has been adopted by many other countries outside of the European Union and used as the basis for local training frameworks. The competences defined in the e-CF include management of IT strategy, organization, vendor, application, system, project, service, business continuity, risk, information security, information and knowledge, business change, quality, IT finance, audit/compliance, governance, and more.

According to Bernd Taselaar, CEO of EXIN, “The EXIN EPI IT Management training and certification program has been created as a result of a collaboration between EPI and EXIN. The IT Management program is vendor-neutral and aligned to the e-CF. It has been designed specifically for IT professionals to keep up-to-date and remain relevant in this fast-paced and increasingly complex industry. The program offers a career track at three levels, CITP (Certified IT Professional), CITS (Certified IT Specialist) and CITE (Certified IT Expert, expected soon). An IT professional can enter the track at any level as long as they have a recommended number of years’ experience.”

There are many clear advantages of the CITP, CITS and CITE certifications. One of these is that being fully aligned to a standard, it provides clear identification of the competences required to successfully perform duties in the ICT workplace.  The standard is also widely adopted by many MNCs, not only European but global, and the certifications are awarded by EXIN which is recognized internationally for its quality.

For training providers who are interested to offer these courses and tap into the vast opportunities, the new business model is designed as a complete ready-to-market package.  The partner package includes high-quality student books, trainer guide, and trainer presentation slides. 

According to Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO of EPI Group of Companies, “We know the enormous amount of time and effort required to develop course content, especially high-quality content.  Our team of experts has worked diligently over many months to develop the accredited materials for the student workbook, accompanying exercises, trainer guides, and trainer presentation slides.  Now we offer this complete package to the training providers at only the cost of registering their company with EXIN and getting their trainers accredited, and they can start offering the courses the next day generating new streams of revenue with great margins!”

According to Jan Willem Mooren, the lead developer for the courses, “The IT industry is sorely in need of a comprehensive IT management training framework.  Other IT certifications focus only on one specific area of specialization, which is good for people who are specialists.  However, there is a lack in the overall IT management competences. This is a source of a lot of problems in the IT organization, leading to inefficient IT management/governance and the high cost of operations. We created the IT Management Training Framework to fill this gap in IT education.” 

About EPI

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EPI is the world’s largest provider of accredited data centre training and ANSI/TIA-942 conformity audit and certification services.  EPI is a registered Certification Body (CB).

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