EXIN and Kinetic IT Deliver SIAM Train-the-Trainer Session in Beijing

Michelle Major-Goldsmith from Kinetic IT has just returned from a whirlwind trip to China where she supported EXIN in delivering a one day Train the Trainer session for the SIAM Foundation course, created to provide training around the content of the SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge (download it for free). 

What an interesting trip it was, Here Michelle talks us through the highlights!

The session – Thursday 22nd March 2018

The session was aimed at trainers and consultants of service management and the focus was not on explaining the SIAM theory so much as to elaborate on the important elements and provide some focus points for those planning on delivering training.  At the end of a high paced day, the delegates also got to put then themselves ‘into the students' shoes’ and take the examination. Throughout the session, there were plenty of questions and discussions.

The audience

There were 18 people in attendance, many of whom had jetted in especially from other parts of the country.  They were an enthusiastic bunch. A mix of trainers (as you would expect) but also people who intended to use the session to build up their own knowledge so that they could undertake informal knowledge transfer to other members of their teams, organizations, and customers.

One of the highlights for me was an opportunity to meet 5 of the gentleman who helped to translate the SIAM Foundation Bok into Chinese. They are:

Kevin Cao

Kun Jiang

Qi Chen

Kia Yao

Chengbo Yu


Thoughts on SIAM take up

During our break-out sessions I was able to discuss the SIAM market with delegates.  There was a huge amount of enthusiasm for it with many telling me they were planning to train SIAM and were actively using it in a consulting capacity.  They were delighted that the BoK had come to fruition as it marked an important point in the codification of SIAM practice as something so essential in a multi-sourced environment.  Although the focus of the session was the Foundation BoK and course, they were keen to discuss the newly launched SIAM Professional BoK where there was a great deal of enthusiasm for the anecdote, example and practical guidance within it, that they felt could be used to elaborate classroom delivery.

All in all a well received and enjoyable session.  I hope to visit China again, maybe next time to talk more about SIAM Professional.

You can find out more about the SIAM program here.