EXIN introduces new service management certification VeriSM™


Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2 January 2018 – As of the 1st January 2018, EXIN is offering VeriSM™ certifications as part of its portfolio. VeriSM™ is a brand new service management approach for the digital age. VeriSM™ offers organizations the opportunity to serve customers in line with today’s high demands, whilst at the same time reducing risks and costs. A professional who is VeriSM™ certified will possess up-to-date knowledge and a powerful set of service management tools to excel in all customer service environments.


VeriSM™ is a response to the rapidly changing service management environment, both in the private and public sector. VeriSM™ was created in collaboration with over 70 experts and thought leaders worldwide in the field of service management, Agile Scrum, DevOps, Lean IT, SIAM™, and business management. VeriSM™ has been developed by the International Foundation of Digital Competences (IFDC).


The new certification offered by EXIN is based on the VeriSM™ approach, which emphasizes governance and keeping focus on value, outcomes and organizational goals. VeriSM™ also includes the concept of the Management Mesh. The Management Mesh gives context to resources, environment, technologies and management practices. VeriSM™ takes service management to a next level by incorporating both current and the latest practices and technological developments. VeriSM™ is a must-have certification for every professional involved in service management and/or digital transformation.

"EXIN is very pleased to offer the VeriSM™ certifications. VeriSM™ guides organizations in making use of all their available capabilities to deliver value, from IT to marketing and finance to customer service. VeriSM™ supports the development of a service mindset to improve the customer experience and satisfaction, based on actual needs and demands.” said Bernd Taselaar, CEO of EXIN.


The VeriSM™ certification program comprises a total of 5 certifications. The Foundation level certification is available immediately and is made up of 3 exam modules – VeriSM™ Foundation, VerisM™ Essentials and VeriSM™ Plus. VeriSM™ Plus has been specifically designed as a bridge module to offer easy access for candidates who already have an (IT) service management certificate, and will make a candidate eligible to receive a VeriSM™Foundation certificate. The focus of VeriSM™ Plus is on emerging technologies and progressive practices. The VeriSM™ Essentials module, in contrast, gives professionals a comprehensive introduction to service management principles. VeriSM™ Foundation consists of the combined content of Essentials and Plus. The advanced level certifications, VeriSM™Professional and VeriSM™Leader are expected in Q2/Q3 and Q4 respectively. The specifics of the VeriSM™ certification program can be found at verism.exin.com.