EXIN launches new DevOps Master Certification

Utrecht, August 8, 2016 - Today, global certification institute EXIN expands its portfolio with the unique certification, EXIN DevOps Master. This DevOps Master certification includes an exam and a training that includes practical assignments to prove the competences of candidate DevOps Masters. 

DevOps is a crucial part of an integrated Agile approach. The word DevOps itself is a shortened compound of "development" and "operations". Practicing DevOps emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other (IT) professionals. As a result, building, testing, and releasing software can happen more rapidly and reliably.

Growing demand in the market

The DevOps movement is growing fast. DevOps adoption increased from 66 percent in 2015 to 74 percent in 2016. This year DevOps will continue to evolve to a mainstream strategy (source: Gartner) and standards will emerge. In the last two years, listings for DevOps jobs on Indeed.com increased 75 percent and on LinkedIn mentions of DevOps as a skill increased with 50%. 

With this growth the demand for DevOps professionals with the right competences will increase. EXIN CEO Bernd Taselaar said: “No other DevOps certification addresses the practice of DevOps and the development of competencies, like the EXIN DevOps Master. Proven skills and competences are exactly what this growing market needs.” 

The EXIN DevOps Master certification was developed to meet demand from the market. Global EXIN partners such as Hewlett Packard, Automic, Global Knowledge, Sogeti and TPS certificate Institution in Japan asked for this certification and have been involved with the development. 

Mr Toshio Horikiri, The chair of the board of directors at TPS Certificate Institution endorses the new EXIN DevOps Master: ”It is very useful because the DevOps process could not be developed that easily in the past due too many recommended technologies, practices, tools. And this culture was introduced by too many different publications. This EXIN certification will help us build a DevOps process in a right way, from the chaos of today. We are very grateful to have helped developing the program.”

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