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Five years ago, EXIN launched the Marking on the Spot app to speed up the process of candidates receiving results after taking their exam. The app is designed to offer immediate (tentative) results so that professionals who have sat an exam don't have to wait 24 hours to find out how they performed. To find out what EXIN Partners think of the Marking on the Spot, we spoke to Arjan van der Poel, the owner of Suerte Academy, and asked him about what he and his colleagues think of the app.

How long have you been using Marking on the Spot?

We have been using Marking on the Spot from the moment it was introduced by EXIN. We immediately felt that the possibility of giving immediate feedback to our students on their exam results was something students would value.

For which exams do you use Marking on the Spot?

As we still conduct most of our exams on paper, we use Marking on the Spot for all our accredited products, such as Lean, Agile, DevOps, SIAM, etc.

How has it changed your experience of working with EXIN?

For us, as an accredited training organisation, it is important to have an exam process that is secure, flexible and user-friendly. Marking on the Spot helps in achieving this.

What are the advantages of using Marking on the Spot?

The most important advantage for us is that we can provide direct feedback to the students on their exam results. They have worked hard to prepare for the exam and deserve to know as soon as possible if they were successful or not.

Would you recommend it to other EXIN partners?

I would certainly recommend Marking on the Spot to other partners. It is easy and straight-forward to use, so they should definitely give it a try.

Arjan van der Poel
Arjan van der Poel - Suerte Academy

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About Marking on the Spot

The Marking on the Spot app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store or from Google Play. For more information about the Marking on the Spot app, take a look our the Marking on the Spot page where you download instructions and a test form to help you get started.