So, You Want to be an Ethical Hacker?

To catch a thief, sometimes you have to think like a thief — but don’t be a thief. Likewise, an ethical hacker should have the same technical skills as his criminal counterpart but never become him. Moreover, there is one very important skill no black hat hacker has, so read more and learn these 3 mandatory skills if you want to be an ethical hacker.

  1. Intelligence Gathering: Ethical Hackers are Detectives

An ethical hacker is a sort of private detective. But before you put on your trench coat and sunglasses, know that your job will mostly be in the comfort of your office chair. Begin with finding information on a perpetrator online. You would be surprised to see how many criminals boast openly on web forums about their so-called accomplishments. So, know where to find such forums (don’t forget the Dark Web), and Google is your friend. Of course, you also need to know how to find information on a target within a network; this is where your technical skills are needed.

  1. Penetrating Systems: You Climb Through Virtual Windows

You are a hacker, so you know how to penetrate systems. No, you don’t do it for stealing information but to test your employer’s or client’s systems. You are like a policeman who climbs through a window to warn the tenant of the risk of burglary. Are you a beginning white hat? Just try to find information about your own network adapter. Or learn how to use Aircrack-ng, a suite of tools to assess WiFi network security.

  1. An Ethical Hacker Has To Be… Ethical

The difference between a white hat hacker and a black hat hacker is more than who pays your bills. As an ethical hacker, you should not only behave properly but have ethical rules ingrained in your character. Of course, much has to do with personality and upbringing, but there are some basic ethical rules you can learn. You are expected to be very aware of the difference between legal and illegal hacking and the consequences of misuse. You also respect the other persons’ rights, like their privacy rights. So, you don’t read your employer’s emails, not because it is not according to the rules, but because of your ethics which makes you a decent person.

Have You Got The Skills?

Ethical hacking is increasingly required as a pre-emptive measure to ensure malicious hackers are not successful in their efforts to access systems. White hat hackers should have the skills we described in this article. EXIN’s Ethical Hacking Certification Program offers IT professionals the background knowledge around different approaches including web-based hacking, system penetration, and network sniffing. This program lays the groundwork for a thorough understanding of ethical hacking and its applications.