Career path certifications

To better support professionals across their field, EXIN offers 2 types of career path certifications. The Certified Integrator packages offer professionals in Agile and Cloud Services the relevant background knowledge and context they need to excel. EXIN also offers a number of career path certifications that prepare professionals for a role in a specific domain.

EXIN’s Career Path certifications help professionals work towards a specific role or set of skills. They come in two different varieties. The Generalist certifications are ideal for professionals at the start of their career looking to broaden their knowledge and become a T-shaped professional. For more experienced professionals, the Specialist certifications mark out a path that will guide them towards a specific senior role.

What are the benefits of a Career Path Certification?

A career path certification combines a number of EXIN modules to create a certification that establishes a clear path towards a new role or the background knowledge needed to turn yourself into a T-shaped professional.