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When the pandemic struck, organizations were forced to adapt to newer digital landscapes while maintaining or even improving product development lifecycles. With this came the need to maximize efficiency and minimize waste to keep up with the pace of high-velocity and continuous delivery of products and services. However, this posed a new dilemma; how can organizations ensure that security standards are met with faster processes? By integrating the working culture of DevOps and security, organizations can now combine and automate security practices in the development and operations toolkit to be used consistently. Therefore, the DevSecOps role ensures that key security policies are fully integrated into the (already existing) DevOps workflows.

When you become a certified EXIN DevSecOps Manager, you have demonstrated that you have the required competencies to succeed in this role. These competencies include having background knowledge in the domains of DevOps and Information Security Management ISO/IEC 27001, as well as specific practical skills related to Agile Scrum or Lean IT.


Why become a DevSecOps Manager?

As a DevSecOps Manager, you play an essential role in ensuring the effective and seamless integration of security policies and practices to DevOps workflows to reduce overall risks and deliver products and services on time. As more organizations are beginning to recognize the need and value for DevSecOps specialized roles, the demand has increased significantly in these positions, compensated for with attractive salaries and an array of opportunities.

Becoming a DevSecOps Manager is ideal for professionals wishing to advance their DevOps and security careers. Becoming a DevSecOps Manager means having a critical role in both the development process, being able to harmonize development, security, and operations practices throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Transitioning to the culture of DevSecOps is no easy feat. Still, companies that have already done it have felt the benefits of having specialized roles within their development and operational teams. The security of digital information is essential, especially as we are in the middle of a digital transformation.

The diagram below shows the path you will need to take to become an EXIN Certified DevSecOps Manager. There are three certifications you need to complete before you are awarded the EXIN DevSecOps Manager title. These cover the foundations of EXIN Agile Scrum, EXIN Lean IT, and EXIN DevOps to give you the required theoretical knowledge. The highest-level certification specifically focuses on applying DevOps and Information Security Management (ISO/IEC 27001) principles and practices to ensure that you have the required skills to step straight into the role. This certification has been designed to reflect a career path - it gradually becomes more practical as you progress through the certifications.

Structure of EXIN DevSecOps Manager

We recommend that you begin with the foundation-level certifications and then progress to the advanced level. You are only required to have at least one of the three foundation-level certifications.

Within the EXIN DevSecOps Manager Career Path, there are alternative certifications that are accepted as a replacement for the ones that are shown. For a full list of currently allowed alternatives, see the document here.

EXIN DevSecOps Manager overview

The DevSecOps Manager needs to have a solid understanding of DevOps and Information Security Management. Subsequently, for the first level of the EXIN DevSecOps Manager certification, you need to choose between a foundation level certificate in either Agile Scrum, Lean IT, or DevOps. Either of these foundation-level certifications will give you a solid background and base in modern DevSecOps.

EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation

EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation offers professionals a unique certification that combines agile principles and scrum practices. The exam tests candidates on their understanding of key concepts and their application.

EXIN Lean IT Foundation

The EXIN Lean IT Foundation certification builds the fundamental knowledge needed to support a Lean strategy in IT organizations. Candidates will understand the Lean philosophy, how Lean looks at processes to reduce waste, how to measure performance, and more. The focus of this exam lies on how to apply the Lean IT principles.

EXIN DevOps Foundation

This EXIN DevOps Foundation certification has been designed to give IT and business professionals basic knowledge and understanding of DevOps. Created as a stepping-stone to the EXIN DevOps Professional certification, this certification confirms understanding the origins of DevOps and the benefits of DevOps principles and practices for the organization.

In addition to knowledge of DevOps and Information Security Management, you need to understand teamwork methodologies. While dealing with the fast-paced development and operational process, knowing how to bring out the strengths and effectiveness of teams is an essential part in making the products successful. As a DevSecOps Manager, you will need to manage the needs of the developer teams, the operational teams, the security teams, and the upper-level management. Therefore, Agile Scrum, DevOps, and Lean IT are also included on the foundation level of the EXIN DevSecOps Manager certification.

Lastly, to complete your EXIN DevSecOps Manager certification, you must pass the EXIN DevOps Professional and Information Security Management (ISO/IEC 27001) Professional exams successfully. These advanced-level certifications will give you an in-depth, practical understanding of all the important aspects of DevSecOps Manager and how to apply DevSecOps practices in an organization.

Information Security Management Professional based on ISO/IEC 27001

Information is crucial for the continuity and proper functioning of both individual organizations and the economies they fuel; this information must be protected against access by unauthorized people, protected against accidental or malicious modification or destruction and must be available when it is needed. The module Information Security Management Professional based on ISO/IEC 27001 tests understanding of the organizational, physical and technical aspects of information security.

EXIN DevOps Professional

This EXIN DevOps Professional certification has been designed to test IT professionals on their background knowledge and understanding of essential DevOps practices. Created as a stepping-stone to the EXIN DevOps Master certification, this certification looks at the Three Ways, the good habits of change control, and maintaining security compliance.

How do I become an EXIN DevSecOps Manager?

After completing the three required certifications, you will automatically be awarded the EXIN DevSecOps Manager certification. To get started, please go to the Get Certified tool, and select the certification you wish to reach first. If you have already obtained the other certificates or would like to find out more information, please get in touch with our support team.