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This certification provides the right knowledge and skills for professionals who wish to become or already are a Digital Transformation Officer and want to achieve the appropriate international recognition. 'Business as usual' is a big ask when your organization is trying to respond to an ever-changing digital environment. This is where a Digital Transformation Officer (DTO) can make the difference between a company meeting the challenges of this transformation head-on or an organization being left behind in the race to utilize digitization.

When you are certified by EXIN as a Digital Transformation Officer you are extensively tested on the main topics related to the role such as Enterprise Service Management (based on VeriSM), Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and more.

Why become a Digital Transformation Officer?

Digital Transformation Officers are often in charge of projects and initiatives that aim to maximize the opportunities available by embracing new digital channels, technologies, or products. The role of a DTO is varied and challenging which keeps it interesting. Digital Transformation Officers, sometimes also known as Chief Digital Officers, usually have a very important role in determining the digital strategy within their organization. There are a number of different roles appearing that focus on leading transformation including the chief digital officer, chief transformation officer, and chief change officer. Each of these roles is a response to the need for someone to respond quickly to changing customer and market demands.

While ‘going digital’ is a major undertaking, assuring the delivery of business services that are always available and always working is what bonds the customer to the organization over time. (Netscout)

Where traditionally departments worked in silos and each generated value for the business in their own way, the Digital Transformation Officer needs to rise above these silos to unit these departments in working towards a common goal. The goal of focusing on what the customer needs and fulfilling that need as soon as possible.

Structure of EXIN Digital Transformation Officer

To create a solid base for your Digital Transformation Officer certification, you need to know about the most current technologies in IT. EXIN offers certifications on a wide range of topics that are relevant to digital transformation.

The diagram below shows one of the recommended paths that you can take. There are many different variations to choose from so you can select one to suit your interests. Further down the page, you can see all of the modules you can choose for each step of this career path.

Within the EXIN Digital Transformation Officer Career Path there are alternative certifications that are accepted as a replacement for the ones that are shown. For a full list of currently allowed alternatives see the document here.

Overview EXIN Digital Transformation Officer

For the first part of the Digital Transformation Officer certification, you need to select 2 of the certifications below before moving onto the advanced level.

CCC Big Data Foundation

The CCC Big Data Foundation exam is designed to test a broad background understanding of Big Data in the context of Cloud Computing. It combines theoretical knowledge with introductions to commonly used technologies. This means candidates benefit from a certification that has immediate real-world applications.

CCC Internet of Things Foundation

This certification offers an understanding of the IoT technology and provides a detailed glimpse of the business potential it currently offers. The qualification has essential components which can enable and support the decision-making process for executives and users alike. This will allow them to analyze the future strategy and align themselves to match or get ahead of the competition.

EXIN BCS Artificial Intelligence Foundation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a methodology for using a non-human system to learn from experience and imitate human intelligent behavior. The EXIN BCS Artificial Intelligence Foundation certification tests a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the terminology and general principles of AI. This Foundation certificate includes and expands on the knowledge taught in the EXIN BCS Essentials Certificate in Artificial Intelligence.

EXIN Blockchain Foundation

The EXIN Blockchain Foundation certification validates a professional’s knowledge about blockchain as a ledger with potential as a worldwide decentralized record for the registration, inventory, and transfer of assets. The certification covers the basic concepts of blockchain, the potential fields of application, the potential value for the organization and the technology driving the blockchain. EXIN Blockchain Foundation looks at more detailed information about additional blockchain elements including cryptography, private and public keys, hashes and consensus algorithms.

Next, select one of the two Cloud certifications offered by EXIN. You can choose between EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation and CCC Cloud Technology Associate.

EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation

EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation is a certification that tests candidates on the basics of Cloud Computing. This vendor-neutral qualification includes some technical knowledge and looks at the general management aspects of Cloud Computing.

CCC Cloud Technology Associate

CCC Cloud Technology Associate is a foundation-level certification that teaches candidates the background, concepts, and terminology of Cloud Computing. Professionals benefit from learning about technical challenges, mitigation measures and the steps needed for successful cloud adoption.

Lastly, to complete your Digital Transformation Officer certification, you need to successfully pass the VeriSM™ Professional exam. This will give you a broad understanding of modern service management practices, the VeriSM Management Mesh and how to apply it in an organization.

VeriSM™ Professional

The VeriSM™ Professional certification tests a candidate’s knowledge of, and skills in, applying VeriSM™ in an organization. Those certified as VeriSM™ Professional understand the impact of digital transformation on the organization and on people, consumers as well as staff. They are able to translate strategic direction into a successful operating environment. The certified VeriSM™ Professional has proven his or her ability to create and use a Management Mesh that is based on the organization’s portfolio, principles, and governance needs. After creating or adapting the Management Mesh based on new requirements, a VeriSM™ Professional is able to manage the product or service through the Define, Produce, Provide and Respond stages.

EXIN Agile Business Professional

The EXIN Agile Business Professional certification covers the knowledge and skills needed for applying the Agile principles and mindset across the business. EXIN Agile Business Professional certified staff members promote Agile ways of thinking and working across all areas of the organization, including production, operation and supporting processes.

How do I become an EXIN Certified Digital Transformation Officer?

After you have completed the 4 required certifications you will automatically be awarded the EXIN Certified Digital Transformation Officer certification. To get started, please go to the Get Certified tool and select the certification you wish to attain first. If you would like to find out more information, please contact our support team: