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As organizations adapt to the digital world, their supplier landscapes become increasingly complex. Long-term legacy contracts are discarded in favor of flexibility, with multi-vendor models and ‘everything as a service’ becoming the norm. This approach allows for greater agility but also poses significant challenges if services are not properly integrated and suppliers aligned. The Service Integration Manager's role is crucial in ensuring the effective and seamless integration of services end-to-end, providing a single business-facing IT organization. This includes managing suppliers so that they understand the new way of working and which behaviors are required of them in this changing landscape.

When you are certified as an EXIN Service Integration Manager, you have demonstrated that you have the required competencies to succeed in this role. These competencies include having background knowledge in the domains of Service Management and Cloud Computing, as well as specific practical skills directly related to Service Integration and Management (SIAM™).

Why become a Service Integration Manager?

As a Service Integration Manager, you play an essential role in ensuring the effective and seamless integration of services and enable the successful delivery of services in the modern world. As more and more organizations discover the value of SIAM practices, there is an increasing demand for this role which is reflected by attractive salaries and plentiful opportunities. Becoming a Service Integration Manager is an exciting role for professionals wishing to advance their Service Management career, as well as those wishing to develop experience in the area of Relationship Management. Becoming a Service Integration Manager means having a dynamic role, right at the center of the action, bringing different (external) parties together and taking a helicopter view of services end-to-end. 

Companies who have focused on building a resilient and well-integrated supply chain have felt the benefits, and others have realized too late the cost of poor understanding and management of their service providers. SIAM has many benefits to offer, and can help organizations to handle the unexpected. (Claire Agutter - Director at ITSM Zone. From the 2020 Global SIAM Survey

The diagram below shows the path you will need to take to become an EXIN Certified Service Integration Manager. There are three certifications you need to complete before you will be awarded the EXIN Service Integration Manager title. These cover the foundations of Service Management and Cloud Computing to give you the required theoretical knowledge. The highest level certification specifically focuses on applying SIAM principles and practices but also includes practical assignments to ensure that you have the required skills to step straight into the role. This certification has been designed to reflect a career path - it gradually becomes more difficult as you progress through the certifications.

Structure of EXIN Service Integration Manager

We recommend that you start with the foundation-level certifications and then proceed to the advanced level. However, if you have previously attained one of the certifications below or equivalent certification, you only have to take the other two exams to be awarded the Career Path certification.

Within the EXIN Service Integration Manager Career Path, there are alternative certifications that are accepted as a replacement for the ones that are shown. For a full list of currently allowed alternatives, see the document hereEXIN Certified Service Integration Manager overview

The Service Integration Manager needs to have a solid understanding of service management. Subsequently, for the first level of the EXIN Service Integration Manager certification, you need to choose between a foundation level certificate in either Service Management (e.g. based on VeriSM™) or Service Integration and Management (SIAM™). Either of these foundation-level certifications will give you a solid background in modern Service Management.

EXIN SIAM™ Foundation

EXIN SIAM™ Foundation tests a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the terminology and the core principles of SIAM. This certification covers subjects including the potential benefits, challenges, and risks of implementing Service Integration and Management.

VeriSM™ Foundation

VeriSM™ Foundation focuses on the VeriSM™ model which emphasizes the focus on value, on outcomes and an organization’s goals. It also includes a unique management mesh, the guidance for choosing the appropriate management practices to establish the product or service. It gives context to Service Management in the digital age and looks at how emerging technologies and progressive management practices can be applied to add value for the consumer.

In addition to knowledge of service management, you need to have a good understanding of Cloud Computing. In the ‘everything as a service’ world we now operate in, cloud-based service providers are an integral part of almost any multi-vendor model. As a Service Integration Manager, you will need to manage cloud-based service providers and understand what you can expect from them. Therefore this is also included on the foundation level of the EXIN Service Integration Manager certification.

EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation

EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation is a certification that tests candidates on the basics of Cloud Computing. This vendor-neutral qualification includes some technical knowledge and looks at the general management aspects of Cloud Computing.

Lastly, to complete your EXIN Service Integration Manager certification, you need to pass the SIAM™ Professional exam successfully. This is an advanced level certification that will give you an in-depth, practical understanding of all the important aspects of Service Integration and Management and how to apply SIAM practices in an organization.

EXIN SIAM™ Professional

EXIN SIAM™ Professional tests a candidate’s knowledge of the application of SIAM™ to situations and the candidate’s ability to further analyze the SIAM concepts. The certification looks at managing multiple service providers and integrating them seamlessly to provide a single business-facing IT organization. It also looks at the knowledge and skills required to navigate the 4 stages of the SIAM roadmap. On 1 April 2020, the certification content has been updated to reflect the refreshed BoK.

How do I become an EXIN Service Integration Manager?

After completing the three required certifications, you will automatically be awarded the EXIN Service Integration Manager certification. To get started, please go to the Get Certified tool and select the certification you wish to attain first. If you would like to find out more information, please contact our support team: