CCC Big Data Foundation

The CCC Big Data Foundation exam is designed to test a broad background understanding of Big Data in the context of Cloud Computing. It combines theoretical knowledge with introductions to commonly used technologies. This means candidates benefit from a certification that has immediate real-world applications. The exam covers a wide range of material including: Big Data Fundamentals Big Data Sources Data Mining - Concepts and Tools Big Data Technologies - Hadoop Big Data Technologies - MongoDB

Voor wie is deze certificering bedoeld?

This qualification is of interest to professionals who work with Big Data. This includes software engineers, application developers, IT architects and system administrators. Big Data Foundation teaches them the analytical concepts they need to gain better insight into the data at their fingertips.

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Examenduur : 1 uur
Aantal vragen: 40 (Meerkeuze)
Cesuur: 65%
Open boek: Nee
Elektronische hulpmiddelen toegestaan: Nee
Niveau: Foundation
ECTS credits: 2
Beschikbare talen: Engels
Vereisten: Geen