CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager

CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager is an advanced certification which teaches candidates the fundamental knowledge of cloud service management. This includes how to implement new solution practices whilst maintaining existing system performance, processes and functions. It does this whilst focusing on the impact of consumers and providers.

Voor wie is deze certificering bedoeld?

This certification is ideal for service management professionals who work within a cloud computing context. IT service management professionals and cloud strategists also benefit from this exam. Professional Cloud Service Manager is an advanced-level certification. It is recommended to have previously completed CCC Cloud Technology Associate and CCC Virtualization Essentials.


Cloud Service Management Fundamentals
Cloud Service Management Roles
Cloud Service Management Strategy
Cloud Service Management Design, Deployment and On-boarding
Cloud Service Management
Cloud Service Management Economics
Cloud Service Management Governance
Showing the value of cloud services
Popular service management frameworks

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Examenduur : 1 uur en 15 minuten
Aantal vragen: 25 (Meerkeuze)
Cesuur: 65%
Open boek/notities: Nee
Elektronische hulpmiddelen toegestaan: Nee
Niveau: Gevorderd
Beschikbare talen: Engels, Japans
Vereisten: Successfully Completed an Accredited CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager Training