Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Specialist

Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Specialist

EXIN EPI® CDFOS® is designed to enable participants to fully understand the requirements of running the day-to-day operations of a data centre. Candidates will gain the required competences for running the daily operations, understand which processes should be in place, and the critical elements of those processes and how to execute them.

Who is this certification for?

This certification is meant for anyone who works in and around IT, facilities, or data centre operations and needs to understand and improve the daily operations. This includes important processes such as lock-out/tag-out, the right process for installing/de-installing equipment, safety procedures, capacity management, and more.

Main subjects

Service Level Management
Safety and Crisis Management
Physical Security
Facilities Maintenance
Data Centre Operations
Monitoring / Reporting / Control
Project Management
Environmental Sustainability
Governance and Compliance

Required reading

Course material provided by the trainer

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Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Number of questions: 60 (Multiple Choice)
Pass mark: 42 out of 60
Open book: No
Electronic equipment allowed: No
Level: Foundation
ECTS credits: 4
Available languages: English, Latin American Spanish, Chinese
Requirements for certification: Passed the Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Specialist requirements