Certified Data Centre Specialist

Certified Data Centre Specialist

EXIN EPI® Certified Data Centre Specialist is designed to enable candidates to be a compatible communication partner with suppliers. It also makes them able to verify offers provided by vendors for correctness, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Who is this certification for?

The Data Centre Specialist certification has been created with IT facility and data center operations professionals in mind. It is ideal for those who work in and around the data center and are responsible for improving availability and manageability.

Main subjects

Data centre life cycle and standards
Designing and implementing a data centre
Data centre environmental considerations and efficiency

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Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Number of questions: 60 (Multiple Choice)
Pass mark: 75%
Open book: No
Electronic equipment allowed: Yes
Level: Advanced
Available languages: Japanese, English, Latin American Spanish
Requirements: Passed the Certified Data Centre Specialist Requirements
A calculator (not smart phone) is allowed during the exam