EXIN Business Information Management Foundation with reference to BISL NEXT

Business information management, also referred to in the Netherlands as functional management and information management, looks at the provision of information in an organization and the IT resources that are to be used. It does so from both from the perspective of the business organization and the end users of the information systems. Organizations are increasingly dependent on information and information systems. That is what BiSL Next is a response to. This EXIN Business Information Management Foundation certification is based on the book ' BiSL® Next in uitvoering: Handboek voor uitvoerende business-informatiemanagement professionals’.

Who is this certification for?

This certification has been created for professionals who have a role in directing, adapting and operationalizing (IT) services to ensure that the information provision meets the needs of the organization. The target group also includes those who are closely involved in information provision. Therefore, this module is important for both IT and non-IT staff who are responsible for the information provision in an organization. Examples are: (Business) Information Manager, Product owner, Functional Manager, Data Manager / Data Steward, Functional Application Manager, Key User, Information Architect, Business Analyst, Information Analyst, Service Manager, Risk Manager or Data Scientist.

Main subjects

Aim and background of business information management
Basic elements of business information management
Governance domain
Strategy domain
Improvement domain
Operation domain

Please note that Business Information Management with reference to BiSL Next is only available in Dutch.

Required reading

Backer, Yvette en Meijer, Machteld
BiSL® Next in uitvoering: Handboek voor uitvoerende business-informatiemanagement professionals
Van Haren Publishing: 1e druk, 2018

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Duration: 1 hour
Number of questions: 40 (Multiple Choice)
Pass mark: 65%
Open book: Yes
Electronic equipment allowed: No
Level: Foundation
Available languages: Dutch